Don’t just take our word for it, read our glowing testimonials below.

“Their computer program gave us an opportunity to make changes in our floor plan and design and see the results immediately. With their innovative use of technology, our design came together very quickly, allowing us to continue with our lives in Virginia while streamlining the building process with our new retirement home in South Carolina.”

– Gabe and Cindy Adrian

“They’re absolutely a family team. It was not like a business thing; it was a friendly relationship with those guys. Any time an issue came up, I didn’t have to go through a hundred people – I went straight to Chris and/or Dave. They were very cordial, and they answered any question I had. They were real professionals. We love our house. We pinch ourselves every day.”

– Larry and Kathy Fillian

“It was a really excellent experience with the 3-D. We had a good idea of what we wanted, and they were able to take our ideas and give us exactly what we wanted in our design needs and wants. Sometimes, the little things make or break a house. It’s a beautiful house. It really is.”

– Tom and Ginger Majkutowski

“Chris and Dave saved us from all architect fees with their design capabilities, and that’s a substantial amount of money. They couldn’t be more cooperative. Every single one of our requests has been taken care of. We’ve got a great deal of confidence in them.”

– Brian and Liz O’Connell

“We were very impressed with everything, especially the quality and design. Everything is so detailed. My kitchen was a big thing for me, and they did a great job with it. We love our house. We were very comfortable working with them.”

– Theo and Sammie Johnson